The Benefits of Monterey Panel Upgrades

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Monterey Panel Upgrades

If you have considered a Monterey panel upgrade for your home you may already be familiar with what it is and what the benefits are. There are so many beautiful and historic homes in the area and owning one is quite an honor. The problem is that with the decision to own an older home comes the need for certain types of upgrades.

If you love the look of an older home but the luxuries of a modern one you can have the best of both worlds. All it takes is letting a team of professional experts take on the task of upgrading your electrical system. You may notice problems like:

  • Repeated tripped breakers
  • Shorting out appliances
  • Needing to unplug one appliance to use another
  • Even outdated outlets

If you have a brand new 60 inch flat screen television, the last thing you want is to fry it due to outdated wiring that can handle the job. Don’t take chances when it comes to your home electrical and the appliances you have. Let a trained Monterey electrician update your wiring into the modern ages.

The Importance of Modernizing Your Wiring

Keep in mind that in some cases, upgrading your wiring may be required legally to stay current with codes. This is meant to be in the best interest of keeping families safe inside their homes. You can pretty safely assume that if your current system still used fuses and other outdated equipment it will most likely need to be brought up to modern day code to be in compliance.

Old or overloaded systems can easily short out your electricity and even lead to the potential of being a fire hazard. The best part is that just by making your home or business safer, you will also be able to save on utility bills. So even though you will have to invest money upfront to make the transition you will make it back with great savings from your lowered monthly utility bills.

The Name to Trust

Now you know a little about why you need to make this important upgrade but do you know who to call? At 3G Electric we take care of this exact type of work every day in order to make homes and businesses safer in the Monterey area. We are the prompt and professional team ready to get the job done.

But we can’t get started until you give us a call. Contact us today to find out more about how we can take care of Monterey panel upgrades for your right away.

If you are looking for panel upgrades in the Monterey area, then please call 831.674.5107 or complete our online request form.