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Options in Energy Efficient, Low Voltage Lighting For Your Greenfield, CA Home

  Low Voltage Lighting in your Greenfield, California home plays an important role in your landscape and interior lighting, but it also goes a long way towards helping you save on your energy bills. They give you great energy efficiency while provide just the light you need in a given area of your home. Sometimes,…

Electrical Safety: Signs You Need to Rewiring Your Salinas Home

Monterey Electrician

Beyond any doubt, your residential electrical system is the most important utility in your Salinas home. It is hard to think of a single task that is not made easier by electricity. In fact, most of the things we do on a daily basis would not even be possible without electricity. Because electricity is so…

What is Gonzales Tenant Improvement?

Gonzales Tenant Improvement Specialists

A more common job that we have been taking care of here at 3G Electric is Gonzales tenant improvement. So what is this exactly? Tenant improvement is usually the type of work that needs to be done before a tenant can use a rented space.Normally this is for a commercial space in which the client…

The Benefits of Monterey Panel Upgrades

Monterey Panel Upgrades

If you have considered a Monterey panel upgrade for your home you may already be familiar with what it is and what the benefits are. There are so many beautiful and historic homes in the area and owning one is quite an honor. The problem is that with the decision to own an older home…

How to Avoid the Need for Emergency Electrical Repairs in Salinas

Emergency Electrical Repairs in Salinas

One of the most important things that homeowners should be thinking about is how to avoid the need for emergency electrical repairs in Salinas. Although some things are just bound to happen no matter what, many issues can be avoided. You may have been trying to fix that old light switch that you are sure…

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